PSP Go – Firmware Upgrade With Great New Features Ends Up Being Best Kept Secret

This year’s best (or worst) kept secret in the portable gaming world is the use of the Media Go software that is part of the PSP Go device currently being promoted as Sony’s new gaming console. Media Go is a personal computer application that permits users to organize and transfer music, movies and photographs. It will also assist users in purchasing and downloading software from the PlayStation Store using their computer as an alternative to having to download media through the console itself. Samsung stock rom

Users can always access the Store directly from PSP Go by connecting to a wireless hot spot and simply logging in with their network ID. But for those that prefer to use their computer, they will see that downloading games, movies and TV shows is easier than ever with the use of the new Media Go software. With this update, you will be able to export playlists onto the console.

Tethering (PSP Go only) is another new feature. It gives the device the ability to use a Bluetooth mobile device, such as a mobile phone, as a modem to connect your PSP system to the internet. If you’re not within proximity of a Wi-Fi spot this gives you another way to access the Internet with a Bluetooth enabled mobile device.

The software is a great addition because you can now store and rearrange your media with the ability to take them everywhere with you without having to waste time using other devices for carrying and storing your digital files. They are all kept together for your use.

Sony has also announced the release of a brand new feature called SensMe. It is designed to categorize your downloaded songs into 12 different channels. When you select a channel, you will be able to listen to music that matches the time of day or even your mood. It’s just magical!

Whenever a new game, console or gaming device comes out, some gaming enthusiasts may complain about the software, usage and technical bugs. However, so far with Media Go (although not released yet) it has gotten some excellent reviews. Sony advertises it with the firmware upgrade to the device that is scheduled to be released soon. So, be on the lookout to download firmware version 6.10 when it becomes available because you cannot thoroughly enjoy your PSP Go experience without it.

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